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Volume 7(3); Sep 2005
Original Articles
Clinical Assessment of Surgical Approaches for the High Positioned Anterior Communicating Artery Aneurysms.
Choi, Jae Hyoung , Kim, Hyung Dong , Song, Young Jin , Kim, Jong Geun , Yoon, Byoung Dae
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):189-194.   Published online September 1, 2005
Autologous Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplantation for Neuronal Regeneration after Extracranial-Intracranial Bypass Surgery in Patients with Cerebral Infarction: Preliminary Report.
Kim, Sung June , Rha, Hyoung Kyun , Jang, Kyoung Sul et al.
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):195-201.   Published online September 1, 2005
Molecular Genetics in Ischemic Stroke.
Ahn, Jung Yong , Han, In Bo
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):202-210.   Published online September 1, 2005
Management Options and Prognosis of Carotid Artery Occlusive Disease.
Cho, Hyung Lea , Yoo, Do Sung , Kim, Dal Soo , Cho, Kyung Sock , Kang, Seok Gu , Huh, Pil Woo
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):211-217.   Published online September 1, 2005
Intra-arterial Nimodipine for the Treatment of Symptomatic Cerebral Vasospasm after Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage : Preliminary Report Clinical Research.
Lee, Jae Won , Kim, Keon Ha , Ahn, Sung Ki
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):218-223.   Published online September 1, 2005
Surgical Outcome of Infectious Cerebral Aneurysms.
Choi, Gwi Hyun , Lee, Jae Whan , Jung, Jin Young , Huh, Seung Kon , Lee, Kyu Chang , Kim, Dong Ik
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):224-227.   Published online September 1, 2005
Cost-Effectiveness of Microsurgical Clipping versus Endovascular Coiling in Cerebral Aneurysmal Patient in Korea.
Cha, Ki Yong , Kwon, Soon Chan , Park, Sang Keun , Kim, Tae Hong , Shin, Hyung Shik , Hwang, Yong Soon
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):228-231.   Published online September 1, 2005
Comparative Study on Frameless Stereotactic Hematoma Aspiration versus Frame-Based Stereotactic Hematoma Aspiration in Deep Seated Intracerebral Hemorrhage: A Clinical Article.
Lee, Woo Chang , Lee, Young Jin , Min, Kyung Soo , Lee, Mou Seop , Kim, Young Gyu , Kim, Dong Ho
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):232-237.   Published online September 1, 2005
Case Reports
Oculomotor Nerve Palsy in Association with a Ruptured Internal Carotid Artery Bifurcation Aneurysm: Case Report.
Lee, Do Sung , Kang, Sung Don , Kim, Jong Moon
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):238-240.   Published online September 1, 2005
Hemichoreoathetosis as an Initial Manifestation of Moyamoya Disease: A Case Report.
Kang, Dong Wan , Lee, Sang Weon , Lee, Dong Hoon , Cho, Won Ho , Song, Geun Sung , Choi, Chang Hwa
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):241-244.   Published online September 1, 2005
Acute Esotropia Secondary to Thalamic Hemorrhage.
Han, In Bo , Ahn, Jung Yong , Kim, Hyun Sook
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):245-248.   Published online September 1, 2005
Pneumothorax after Cerebral Aneurysm Surgery: Case Report.
Kim, Dae Won , Kang, Sung Don
J Cerebrovasc Endovasc Neurosurg. 2005;7(3):249-251.   Published online September 1, 2005

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